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The Importance of Finding Your Pocket

If anything has become apparent since the unexpected year of 2020, it's that connection to people is paramount. Maybe we really didn't understand it until the ability to be with people anytime, anywhere became limited or off limits. We all did the virtual thing for a while, and at first, that felt like it filled the void, but after a few months, virtual connection became - well - not fun!

We need physical connection. Right now, that looks like shrinking our circle limiting our space, finding new ways to be with the ones we love. That circle of people you long to spend time with, that's your Pocket. You know, the people you always want to carry around with you.

That Pocket could be your family, or your neighbors, or the best friends your kids call aunt and uncle. Whoever your Pocket is, you would agree they are a necessity to helping you feel connected. They are the people you call first when you need help, or need to celebrate or when you can't figure out what to do with the teenager in your home that has gone bonkers and you need advice.

I found my pocket by taking a chance and joining a small group of people I didn't know at all. Quickly a connection was made, and meeting once a week for a scheduled group turned into meeting up on weekends for barbecues, birthday parties and eventually vacations together. I learned the value in a Pocket of people isn't in the scheduled, planned events, but in the unexpected moments that happen in everyday life.

Our world and environment has has changed, but you can still connect and develop your relationship with your Pocket of people. Maybe you are reading this and feel like you don't have a Pocket. If that's you, look for opportunities in your community, your church, your school or at your place of employment. Grab your neighbor, or sister, or closest friend and participate in a group gathering. Take a chance! You never know who you will meet that will end up being part of your Pocket.

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