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Celebrating Family Wins

Being a family has its ups and downs, highs and lows, and everything in between. Being a family means you work together, play together and endure together. The best part about being a family is celebrating together! But we often don't take the time to pause and make a celebration official. You don't have to wait until a birthday, holiday or graduation to celebrate either. We should be looking for all the little "wins" along the way. When we get really good at focusing on the positives, navigating the hard times is easier.

Not sure how to celebrate? Here are some suggestions to turn anything into a party. Choose what matches your family's style the best. The most important part of this exercise is to just have fun!


Take some time to plan the day, time and what you will celebrate.

  • Set a date and time everyone can get together. Keep it short, no longer than an hour.

  • Schedule it on your calendar, write it on your chalkboard or post it on your refrigerator.

  • What makes any party more fun? Food! Make or buy everyone's favorite snack.

  • Make it "legit" with decorations, streamers, balloons, signs, party horns (if you don't mind the noise)!

  • Hand make or print out certificates to hand out, personalized for each family member. For example, the "No Cavities Award" recipient gets a brand new toothbrush. Or the "New Bike Rider Award" recipient gets a new bike horn.


Start with the best part (the fun wards) and take time to share fun stories that go along with them. End by taking a family selfie with your awards and post it on social media or hang it up on your refrigerator or bulletin board. Next, talk about the wins as a family. Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What's one new thing you learned?

  • What's something you got better at?

  • What are you really proud of from the school year?

  • What's your favorite friend related memory?

  • What was your favorite thing we did as a family?


Post pictures and responses to the questions you asked around the house so everyone can see them and remember the wins. Write each person's wins on a separate piece of paper or sticky note and put it in their room or bathroom where they will see it daily. This will help create a habit of looking for ways to stay positive and create a family culture of celebrating with each other.

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